About Me


Medieval Religious History BA - Trinity College, Dublin Ireland

MAT Math - Georgia State University

This will be my second year at Lakeside High School and the Dekalb County School System.

My name is Karen Ratajczak. I was born and raised in Atlanta and a graduate of Paideia School where I explored, played and learned for Pre-K -12 (a lifer as we call ourselves).  After high school I decided to explore how other people think and understand the world.  Throughout my Irish education, I traveled around to various places in Europe.  Sometimes they were for vacation, sometimes for education.  I will always look fondly on a certain archaeological dig in Belgium and the team of undergrads who played in the dirt with me.  I used to be more actively musical but time has cut down my musical funtimes.  I used to play violin, viola, piano, tin whistle, and sing.  Hopefully the more I settle into my career and living on my own I'll start to have more time to find a chorus to join or a couple of musicians who want to form a group.  I look forward to a wonderful year and a great exploration of the building blocks of the mind.

Lets do this...